Who We Are

Our startup journey started in 2020 when a dynamic group of passionate undergraduates, each specializing in faculties such as Information Communication Technology, Electrical Engeneering, Business Management & Marketing, joined forces from various universities in Sri Lanka. We officially launched Organia Innovations Lab during a challenging period, recognizing the struggles faced by businesses in rural areas amidst the crisis. Our initiative emerged from the desire to address these challenges, particularly in rural settings. Organia Innovations Lab was established to provide valuable services connecting rural farmers from both Nothern and eastern regions to Western urban consumers. Leveraging social media and intermediary businesses, we successfully navigated through the startup phase, making a positive impact in bridging gaps between rural and urban markets.

Our Story

Our startup, Juerny, emerged from the 2019 Hackadev Innovation Challenge, leading to our incubation by UNDP and the establishment of Aggen Technologies in Jaffna. Founded by Mr. Mathurshan Nanthakumar, we successfully bridge traditional farming with professionalism. In 2021, Mathurshan, along with friends Gopinath Pakeerathan, Harishnath Nadarajha, Sujikara Sathyanathan, and Kabilan Srikaran, initiated our IT startup journey Organia Innovations Lab. Our team is dedicated to taking technology to rural areas and infusing traditional farming practices into urban settings. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are at the forefront of our mission at Juerny, as we strive to make a positive impact through innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Foster community empowerment through innovative, sustainable solutions for lasting positive impact and meaningful growth.

Our vision

Pioneering a future where sustainable innovation transforms communities, creating a world of enduring prosperity and well-being!

Our Values


As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of identifying a problem and finding a profitable solution. However, not all solutions are easy to monetize. Our story began when a group of IT, Electrical & Management students realized that we could solve a problem in society. Our determination has led us to design a business model that not only benefits us but also helps society.


Our business values community and believes in the importance of good stakeholder management for sustainable success. We prioritize responding to stakeholder queries and bringing diverse stakeholders together through our e-commerce platform. We understand that success is collective and value relationships. Our workplace has many inspiring stories of growth and facing challenges together.


We come from humble financial backgrounds and have built ourselves up from scratch. Rather than using our circumstances as an excuse to avoid challenges, we see them as a positive sign and push forward. Our passion for building something, combined with exposure to open-source technology, has allowed us to succeed in competitions and think big.

We are Recognized By

Yarl IT Hub

ICTA Sri Lanka

Microsoft for Startups

Innovation Nation Sri Lanka


Dialog Axiata plc

Startups Sri Lanka


Meet Our Team

Head Office

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Mathurshan Nanthakumar

Founder & CEO
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Global presence - Toronto

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Parkavi K

Managing Director
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K Kishokanth

IT Project Manager
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K Elilkumarone

Finance Manager
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K Suwarnanath

Client & Legal Advisor